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Our responses to the frequently asked questions.

No, you don’t need to. It’s FREE!

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None at all!

We’re offering equity-free cash to the top 3 winners without taking any ownership of their companies.

The last day to register for our upcoming virtual preseed startup competition (April-June 2023) is 7 April 2023.

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The AWS Activate Portfolio program is only limited to 1 company (team) and team members are not advised to apply multiple times, which will be declined anyway.

Therefore, you need to follow and complete the instructions as mentioned in our registration guide, “how to register for our competition?”. Or, your pre-application to the AWS Activate Portfolio program will be declined.

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Even though roiquant is our product’s brand name, we also use it to identify our company’s trade name (we’re also the Organizer of the virtual competition).

Essentially, roiquant is a business decision support system helping founders build competitive edge, so they can make data-informed decisions to innovate and generate high return on investment.

In empowering founders to innovate, roiquant’s data-centric product offering is purposefully designed and powered by business failures data, company performance data, capital markets data, historical data, commercial strategies, risk factors, investors database, business tools, simulators, and more, to help founders build valuable and successful businesses.

This is why it is a mandatory requirement for all participants to create a new roiquant account because all of our virtual startup competitions are powered by our roiquant solutions.

If you’re uncomfortable with the requirement, we can understand, but please read the rules before you decide not to register.

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Atlassian Confluence is a team collaboration solution for knowledge documentation and project management, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Google Workspace, Notion, ClickUp, etc.

As a bootstrapping startup, roiquant’s team leverages on Atlassian Confluence to work efficiently and easily update latest information about our virtual startup competitions.

Therefore, this competition website with the URL of roiquant.atlassian.net, which is masked with go.roiquant.com/virtual-startup-competitions (URL masking to avoid branding confusion), is legitimately managed by roiquant.

For clarification, the following URLs (or website links) belong to and are managed by roiquant:

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It’s pronounced as rói + kwänt.

No, we’re open to anyone or team around the world because we are a virtual event and geo-agnostic (not focused in one market or geographic location).

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We’re primarily looking for software startups + scalable with global potential + purposeful impact + technological innovation + product-market pull.

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We'll only be offering both the equity-free cash and in-kind prizes to our top 3 winners.

In order to showcase top global entrepreneurial talents, over USD $126,000 (total competition prize value) worth of equity-free cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded to our top 3 winners.

Both of our equity-free cash and in-kind prizes are generously offered by our sponsors, partners, and collaborators.

Only in-kind prizes are available for our competition’s participants, and subject to availability, there may also be consolation prizes be awarded to our top 30 finalists.

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Dates and timing may subject to change in the last minute as per to the availability of our sponsors, partners and collaborators.

Please check the dates before you register.

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Our virtual preseed startup competition is only open to preseed startup companies or a team of co-founders who are in the founding phase.

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All participants have to accept and abide by the eligibility, rules, and evaluation criteria of the competition.

It’s too long to share here, so please read the rules before you decide to register.

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You may click on the registration link to submit the required information accordingly.

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We’re honoured and grateful to work with generous sponsors, partners, and collaborators who supported this virtual preseed startup competition to be an impactful and successful event.

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Thank you for registering for our exciting virtual competition event. We will email you in due time, and therefore we kindly ask for your patience.
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You may click on the discord invite link to join our roiquant community’s discord server.

Join now 👉 roiquant community discord

Should you have any questions about our competition, you may reach out to us.

Ping us on Discord

Tweet us on Twitter

Write us an email

The competition is organized and powered by roiquant.

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Caveat: In offering solutions that customers love, our continuous product development enhances our product features for business analysis, and data retrieval systems to publish enriched data for actionable insights.

Therefore, we sincerely ask for your patience while we do our best to improve our solutions for you.

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