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roiquant 3.2.1 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of roiquant 3.2.1, which includes features release, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 20-21, 25, 30-31 January & 1 February 2023 - by founders, for founders.


  • New results view mode (idea checker): for a better user experience, we're displaying the results of your idea validation analysis on a new view-mode page.

    • In doing so, we're preventing the interruptions of new queries to be analyzed, as well as the loss of input data while waiting for the results to be ready and shown.

    • We also changed rephrased failure rate into risk of failure.


  • Big data pipeline and architecture upgrade: we redesigned and improved our data pipeline and architecture into a serverless event-driven architecture to orchestrate serverless data processing workflow asynchronously for advanced real-time analytics and text analytics.

    • We upgraded our current data architecture to perform batch and interactive processing and analysis of large amount of data (millions of records/datapoints with millions and millions of features/properties) within a minute.

  • Idea validation system upgrade: our serverless event-driven architecture is powering our idea checker system to compute and process large amount of data on demand with large-scale parallel workflows.

    • We also improved its accuracy through better algorithms, models, benchmarking, scoring, and recommender systems.

    • By the way, do note that if your conceptual business idea returned no similar companies in your results, it could be that your idea is truly unique and/or that our database currently does not have any records of companies offering similar product-or-service as yours.

      • Therefore, we highly encourage that you do additional research to better understand your competitive landscape.

  • Profile management upgrade (previously, Data contribution): we renamed Data contribution to Profile management, enabled profile editing, and moved the access link from the help icon to account icon on the top navigation bar.

    • We also renamed Profile to Account on the top navigation bar.

    • Users can now contribute data, whether active or inactive entities, whether historical or latest datasets, whether organizations or people, to gain meaningful insights.

    • Founders who are participating in our startup competitions, your user, organization and product profiles will also be accessible and editable from this feature as well.

  • Serverless APIs maintenance: we improved the serverless computing performance of our calling APIs to multiple streams of data processing.

  • Update of the survival rate of private sector establishments in the United States till 2022 (postmortem analysis): we updated the dataset.

  • Dashboard (numbers at a glance): we included a live count/update of the total number of roiquant users.

  • Codes clean-up: we performed an overall code clean-up for everything we've built to keep our codebase clean.


  • Payment system (powered by Stripe): we caught some minor errors and fixed them, which enabled us to receive transactions from new customers. Yay!

    • Powered by Stripe, rest be assured that our payment system is secured.

  • Tools - idea validation (aka, idea checker): during one of our updates, one of our roiquant users kindly reported that our idea checker wasn't working to which we've fixed the issue and it's now working perfectly.

  • UI/UX fixes: we're always improving for your better experience.

    • We did a lot of changes and improvements on our overall user interface and user experience designs for both our (website) and (webapp).

    • If you pay attention, you'll notice the difference - every detail matters.

What we're working on and what to expect in our next release on 10 February 2023

*Note: Features release schedule is tentative and may subject to change.

What to expect in our product roadmap for first half of 2023

  • No-code builder: to enable non-technical founders build MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) without needing the knowledge to write a single line of programming code in order to quickly test the market.

  • Idea checker analytics, business planner analytics, and risk analytics: to continuously improve accuracy through better algorithms, models, benchmarking, scoring, and recommender systems.

    • Our researchers are improving our proprietary advanced analytics and text analytics technologies with continuous R&D.

  • Pro Plan (powered by AWS Activate): to access more data via our public APIs (pay by overage model) and roiquant customers will receive up to USD $25,000 $10,000 worth of AWS credits (eligibility criteria apply).

  • Database: to continuously publish more enriched data.

    • We're gradually populating our live.database from the millions of companies that we've collected because we still can't afford to host and process all of them.

*Note: Product development and roadmap may subject to change.


  • Over the past few months, we've been very very very busy with our product development and AI tech R&D, as well as preparing for our virtual preseed startup competition on 20 March till 9 June 2023.

    • In December 2022, we actually had one of our best annual team meetings to date and addressed many issues harmoniously.

    • We also secured a Silver Sponsor (Fitness Zone) and Community Partner (1337 Ventures), which we celebrated over our annual dinner.

  • In addressing our team's burnout issue, we had a great rest from 24 December 2022 till 3 January 2023 to recuperate for an exciting new year!

    • We're working our best to achieve our growth milestone this year and we look forward to share this journey with you. Blessed new year, everyone!

  • If you want us to add new research questions, let us know.

  • Something is wrong or broken? Tweet us or write us or ping us on Discord (customer support channel).

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Last edited on 3 February 2023.


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