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roiquant 3.2.9 release note

Monthly subscription Enterprise plan


roiquant 3.2.9 release notes

We’re delighted to announce the release of roiquant 3.2.9, which includes features release, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 3,18 - 21 Aug and 1 Sept 2023 - by founders, for founders.


  • Enterprise Plan (Monthly subscription): We are excited to share with you we have launched our Enterprise Plan. You can compare plan and pricing to find out which plan is best suit for you and for your organization.

    • Our enterprise plan is currently available for monthly subscription. Yearly subscription coming soon.

  • Release notes: Our release notes are exclusively hosted on Confluence, and we require some time to undertake a website redesign.


  • Funding Sources Feature (Expanded pop-up modal): The funding sources table for all stages (Very-early, Early, Growth, Late and Post-IPO) now includes an expanded pop-modal for a comprehensive view of available funding source companies.


  • UI/UX: Always, always improving for your better experience.

What we're working on and what to expect in our next release on final quarter 2023

  • roiquant website: revamping our website to allow and enhance connectivity with our users.

  • Yearly enterprise plan: our current Enterprise plan is available for a monthly subscription, and yearly plan will be available soon.

  • No-code builder: to enable non-technical founds build MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) without needing the knowledge to write a single line of programming code in order to quickly test the market.

  • Database: to continuously publish more enriched data.

    • We're gradually populating our live.database from the millions of companies that we've collected because we still can't afford to host and process all of them.


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Last edited on 2 September 2023.

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