Empowering founders to innovate


Why we organize roiquant startup competitions?

  • To empower the top global entrepreneurial talents.

  • To support fundable founders develop innovative ideas that create wealth while improving their communities.

  • To help under-represented founders access smart capital funding.

  • To encourage founders build strong and competitive business with scientific and data-driven approaches.

  • To foster spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among the youth and aspiring entrepreneurs in solving real-world problems that align with one or multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

  • To promote ethical business and healthy competition within our global economy.

  • To create quality deal flow for smart investors.


The competition is organized and powered by roiquant.

  • roiquant is a cloud-based business decision support system helping founders build competitive edge, so they can make data-informed decisions to innovate and generate high return on investment.

    • In other words, roiquant’s proprietary one-stop-shop solution offers actionable insights from ideation to competitive analysis to business modeling to prototyping to market validation to risk analysis to data-driven fundraising to generating high ROI.

  • In empowering founders to innovate, roiquant’s data-centric product offering is purposefully designed and powered by business failures data, company performance data, capital markets data, historical data, commercial strategies, risk factors, investors database, business tools, simulators, and more, to help founders build valuable and successful businesses.

  • Our goal is to offer startup founders the hybrid solution of Bloomberg Terminal + Techstars.


Caveat: In offering solutions that customers love, our continuous product development enhances our product features for business analysis, and data retrieval systems to publish enriched data for actionable insights.

Therefore, we sincerely ask for your patience while we do our best to improve our solutions for you.


Should you have any questions about our competition, you may reach out to us:

roiquant startup competitions showcase top global entrepreneurial talents

Join our virtual preseed startup competition with over USD $126,000 (total competition prize value) worth of equity-free cash and in-kind prizes to be won.

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roiquant is a business decision support system offering founders actionable insights to build strong competitive businesses and generate high return on investment.


Showcasing top global entrepreneurial talents


Our virtual competitions are powered by roiquant