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No, you don’t need to. It’s FREE!

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None at all!

We’re offering equity-free cash to the top 3 winners without taking any ownership of their companies.

The last day to register for our upcoming virtual preseed startup competition (April-June 2023) is 7 April 2023.

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The AWS Activate Portfolio program is only limited to 1 company (team) and team members are not advised to apply multiple times, which will be declined anyway.

Therefore, you need to follow and complete the instructions as mentioned in our registration guide, “how to register for our competition?”. Or, your pre-application to the AWS Activate Portfolio program will be declined.

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Caveat: In offering solutions that customers love, our continuous product development enhances our product features for business analysis, and data retrieval systems to publish enriched data for actionable insights.

Therefore, we sincerely ask for your patience while we do our best to improve our solutions for you.

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