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What are the rules of the competition?

  • All participants (team leaders) are required to use roiquant solutions to participate in this competition.

    • During the competition, all participants will have free access to roiquant Pro Plan (at no charge) for 3 months from April till June 2023.

    • It is a mandatory requirement for all participants to use our roiquant tools in participating in our startup competitions.

      • This is how our roiquant system scores the performances of all participants engaging our tools.

      • During the competition, we will be monitoring and analyzing both the scores and participants' business plans, pitch decks, financials, and products to select the top 30 finalists for the final round (demo-&-pitch day).

    • Ultimately, the judges will leverage on participants' performance scores/reports to make data-informed decisions and evaluate your business plans, pitch decks, financials, product quality, performance traction, and live pitches to decide the top 3 winners.

    • It is also mandatory that all participants join our roiquant community's Discord public server for quality content that were deliberately curated for founders to learn from, whether you're from the beginner or immediate or advanced level.

      • Join now 👉 roiquant community discord

      • This is also the platform where we're engaging our participants for mentorship and discussion with serial entrepreneurs, specialized operators, angel investors, venture capitalists, judges, and mentors, all for free!


  • During the qualifying, semi-final and final rounds, all participants are encouraged to take advantage of roiquant’s features to build and refine your business ideas.

    • We encourage all participants to leverage on roiquant’s data, tools and simulators such as, idea validation (aka, idea checker), competitive landscape, market sizing, pre-revenue business valuation, and business plan builder (aka, business planner).


  • In the semi-final round, participants without functional minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype will be required to use roiquant’s no-code builder to build your MVP.

    • During the 6 weeks of semi-final round, all participants shall leverage on roiquant’s features to refine your business plan and pitch deck, as well as to build your MVP for early customer validation.

    • For the participants with existing and functioning MVPs or products, should launch and test your product-or-service with early adopters for early customer validation.

    • After which, all participants should report your performance traction and customer feedback data on our business plan builder for scoring.


  • All participants have to accept and abide by the eligibility, rules, and evaluation criteria of the competition.

    • At any point in time, should we, the Organizer (roiquant), learned that any of the participants had breached the terms and conditions, they will be immediately disqualified and terminated from the competition.


Caveat: In offering solutions that customers love, our continuous product development enhances our product features for business analysis, and data retrieval systems to publish enriched data for actionable insights.

Therefore, we sincerely ask for your patience while we do our best to improve our solutions for you.

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