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AWS Activate Programs

Build, launch, and scale your startup with AWS Activate Portfolio benefits

As an official AWS Activate Provider, we cordially invite you to apply for the AWS Activate Portfolio program.

The AWS Activate Portfolio provides tools and resources to help you build and grow your business including free AWS credits, Business Support credits, cloud training, best practice architectural guidance, perks and discounts from trusted third-parties, and recommended content personalized just for you!



As a valued startup affiliated with roiquant, you are eligible to receive the following benefits:

Credits: Receive AWS Activate credits valid for 2 years

  • USD $5,000 worth of AWS Activate credits

  • USD $10,000 worth of AWS Activate credits

  • *When you’re ready, apply via roiquant for USD $25,000 up to USD $100,000 in AWS Activate credits

Support: Receive the right support from AWS Developer and AWS Business Support plans

Personalized feed: Receive advice and news tailored to your industry, product stage, business needs, and technical requirements

Exclusive discounts: Claim special offers for the best tools to manage your business, including Atlassian, Slack, Twilio, and more

Customer acquisition: Accelerate user adoption through the Amazon network, including Amazon Advertising, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Launchpad, and more

Co-marketing opportunities: Get tapped for exclusive content opportunities, including being featured on the AWS Startups Blog and speaking at AWS Summits and AWS re:Invent



If you would like to learn more about AWS Activate, read the AWS Activate FAQs (frequently asked questions).


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